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"Do you remember where you were when?..." That question sums up the purpose of this site. When reflecting upon any occasion of great importance, most people remember vividly where they were and what they were doing when the event occurred. Am I the only one who finds these reflections fascinating? I'm thinking "probably not", but let's see if you agree. Take a look at the topics below (in the "Categories" or "Recent Posts" sections), choose one of interest to you, and add your story.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK midnight person - let's see.... I've read about the "great fire", the "great gripe" over the computer, the funny meeting quotes, and I skimmed over the death remembrances. I think your blog needs a new topic that focuses less on death, destruction, and outright anger. You need a more upbeat twist to this thing. I suggest that you start a section on "firsts". There are lots of "firsts" in life. Sometimes the most memorable of some routine experiences are our "first". For example, your first ball game, your first child, your first time to drive a car alone, your first time to sing in public, your first trip out of the country, your first job, your first pet, your first camping trip, etc., etc.

You seem to be a very creative sort. I'm sure you can meet this challenge. Looking forward to your response.

The Positive Critic

11:37 AM  
Blogger Midnight Oil said...

Hey there, Positive Critic (a.k.a. Anonymous),

Yup! You're right. The last thing I want to do is wax overly dark and dismal - especially since I'm not that type of person. Strange, though, 'cause it seems that most of the time when people ask: "Where were you when....?", the blank is usually filled in with a tragedy or disaster. But, I think that "Where were you the first time you...?" might work out well.

So, P.C., you've added my first new topic! I'll create a page for it, but you've gotta come back and put in the first story. Deal? Oh, and um, it goes without saying that one particular topic will be off limits. I think that a flurry of posts dealing with the commonly-understood use of the term "first time" might just get me booted off Blogger ;).

12:08 PM  

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