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"Do you remember where you were when?..." That question sums up the purpose of this site. When reflecting upon any occasion of great importance, most people remember vividly where they were and what they were doing when the event occurred. Am I the only one who finds these reflections fascinating? I'm thinking "probably not", but let's see if you agree. Take a look at the topics below (in the "Categories" or "Recent Posts" sections), choose one of interest to you, and add your story.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Where Were You The First Time You...

Okay, an anonymous poster has suggested a new topic of discussion. You can read Anonymous' comment here.
Here at M2M, I want to keep my readers happy - so I am pleased to announce the birth of the "Where were you the First Time You..?" page. Wait! Don't get too excited! As my reply to Anonymous suggests, there is one particular topic that will be off limits (if you don't know what that is, think about the last "very special" episode of any teen oriented TV program you've ever seen). But anything other than that is fair game....within reason. Obviously, your story about where you were when you stole your first car might come under a little scrutiny. But you get the idea.

So have fun, and remember that all comments are moderated, so your post won't appear right away.


Anonymous P. C. said...

OK Midnight Oily One - Now that's what I call custoer service. Since you definitely aim to please your readers, I will oblige you with a genuine first. The answer is High Point, NC. Yep, that's where I first tasted the green slimy vegetable known as okra. Only, it wasn't slimy on this occasion because it was battered and deep fried. I was with some family members at a local High Point eatery known as Po' Folks. Po' Folks was a chain of restaurants which were associated with the legendary country singer, Bill Anderson - also known as Whisperin' Bill. Po' Folks served up a wide assortment of country home cookin' - all of it deep fried or swimmin' in butter. Even though that has been 25+ years ago, I seem to recall that I ate all of the fried okra on my plate. It was an interesting mix of taste, not too green, really salty and the texture, not at all mushy - kind of crunchy. Over the years my tastes have been refined and my family doctor - as well as the doctor in my family have restricted my intake of deep fried delicacies. I now prefer to eat okra steamed. It is wonderful this way, no need for added salt or grease. I have also eaten it pickled, stewed, and in soups and gumbos. Yum-Yum. As my dear daddy would say - It'll put hair on your belly.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Dr Mocha said...

Hello MO, Interesting topics you have on this blog. I really can't remember where I was when those people died and I don't own a Toshiba computer, so guess I will go with the "FIRSTs". It is too hot to go too deep into thought, so as I sit here cooling off on this hot 4th of July, drinking my iced mocha, I was recalling my first iced mocha. So you want to know where I drank it huh - Thailand. Yep Chiang Mai to be exact. I had never even gone into a Star Bucks until then, but I understand they have these stores here in the US also. But none could beat the cooling taste in the hot Thailand weather as the one in Chaing Mai.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Midnight Oil said...

Okay, it has come to my attention that - after less than 2 months in the blogosphere - I have already offended one of my readers. You see, I recall reading somewhere that it was bad blog-etiquette for a blogger to comment on every comment that he/she receives - so I withheld a response to Dr. Mocha's post on this site. Dr. Mocha was not pleased. Dr. Mocha was expecting a reply. But that's a good thing, right? It means that my readers crave my input. They desire my feedback. They seek to drink deeply from the fountains of wisdom that I have acquired over the years. Heh. Too bad the ol' wisdom fountain ain't deep enough to drown a rat.

But that's beside the point. To Dr. Mocha, therefore, I bestow a deep, probing reply - a reply phrased as a question in order to engender maximum thought provocation: You mean they've got a Starbucks in Thailand?!

But seriously, though, I was struck that your first mocha was during your trip to Thailand. If this was a recent trip and you were already a Dr. when you took it, that means that you waited until full-blown adulthood to sample your first taste. That's unusual - especially in this society where people nowadays seem to be almost weaned on it. But, unusual as it is, we've got something in common when it comes to the whole waiting thing. Me? I can't yet add to the "first cup of coffee" post...because I still haven't had mine.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Midnight Oil said...

P.C (since I've broken blogger etiquette with Dr. Mocha, all bets are off):
Fried okra, eh? I don't know how you do it...fried or steamed. I myself don't have vivid memories of my first time eating okra - but perhaps that's because I have vivid memories of all of the other times. That slimy, phelgm-like substance that drips off of every bite; those little seeds that are hidden in the slime; the slippery feel of each wee morsel as it slithers down your throat. And that's just the steamed stuff! The fried variety just provides a nice little external shell to hide the phlegm in. Then it all comes busting out when you bite into it.

Ok...ok...okra flame off. Can you tell that I don't like okra? ;). But I admire you - hairy belly and all. I think okra's supposed to be good for you, so to anyone who can eat it - and eat it with fondness - I say "more power to you!"

11:31 PM  

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